PM Info Systems Small Business Specialist

Dynamic Reporting Services

  • Creation of Dynamic Reports
  • Power Automation
  • Staff Training


P.M. Info Systems will design your company's dynamic reports that will integrate your company's financial status into a visual symbol. We will customize your reports from start to finish. Including behind-the-scenes coding, editing, data connection setup, power automation, staff training and more. Communicating with us can be easily accessed via email, phone messaging, or online conference calls. An exclusive web share address, known only to you, will allow you to preview your work in progress and then interact with our IT team for revisions. Once you are satisfied, your reports will be published live through out your organization.

Please contact us concerning questions and information about your company's business needs for a free consultation. We want to enhance your business. So call us and we will prove it. We're the small business specialist.

* Revisions and monthly updates $60 per report
* Additional report creations $60/hour

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